Re-victimisation, unfortunately, has consistent evidence. Up to 75% of adults that  experienced abuse as a child, also reported experiencing abuse as an adult. When I first entered therapy, I felt like I “attracted” people who were abusive, I described a series of thorny experiences. A therapist explained to me the concept of re-victimization and that […]

A Letter To My Body

Dear Body, I’m really sorry there have been a number of occasions where I disobeyed what you were asking of me. I’m sorry it took me twenty-five years to learn to listen to you. Even though it wasn’t my doing; I’m sorry that your start in life wasn’t the best. My mother has admitted drinking […]

My Mother’s Favourite Word

My mother is always talking about sympathy, it’s her favourite word, she often says she “needs sympathy”. The problem is; I have exhausted myself giving her sympathy, empathy and support and it still does not quite meet her needs. At one point, she phoned me three times a day (when I was on my way […]


I finally feel like I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough. After the last few weeks of feeling low, in energy, in mood and in general well-being, I woke up this morning feeling different, with a crescendo of energy and zest for life. The motivation I’ve been lacking lately, had finally evaporated off (a little […]

Healing: A Marathon Not a Sprint

When I fist began this journey of healing from my trauma, I was 24 years old. I wound up in a therapist’s office explaining how both of my parents were alcoholics, I was a codependent to them, I had trauma from my childhood and I expected to be in therapy for three months while I […]

Visceral Reactions

Trauma makes my brain overreact often. Due to growing up in an unsafe situation, where by I lived walking on eggshells, there was a constant message in my head “you are unsafe”. Even though there are no threats currently, the unsafe message plays in my mind over and over again. This causes some incredibly emotional […]