Apology Letters: To My Friend From a Dark Time

To my friend, We’re not really close anymore, I guess we’ve drifted apart. But there was a time about 8 years ago, where we were really close. I was mentally ill. You were my main support. I’ve been writing a series of “forgiveness letters”, forgiving others for the things they’ve done to me. When I […]

Letters of Forgiveness: Dear Mum

Dear Mum, I forgive you. I forgive you for not being the mother I needed. I forgive you for not making me feel safe and secure. I forgive you for being an alcoholic and always choosing alcohol over me. I forgive you for being in denial about your addiction. I forgive you for projecting all […]

A Rollercoaster: Job Hunting

I’m going through that dreaded process….job hunting. The last three weeks of this process have been a complete rollercoaster. Some well meaning person asked me how job hunting was going, I give an update “still nothing yet” and suddenly feel triggered into thinking I’m useless. “Why can’t I find a job? “What’s wrong with me? […]


I finally feel like I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough. After the last few weeks of feeling low, in energy, in mood and in general well-being, I woke up this morning feeling different, with a crescendo of energy and zest for life. The motivation I’ve been lacking lately, had finally evaporated off (a little […]

Reader’s Question

As of late, I’ve felt a bit flat. Uninspired, unmotivated and fatigued. I’ve tried a few things that have helped a bit, affirmations, journaling and eating healthier. There hasn’t been a major shift but it’s helpful to have a few strategies that help a little. I’m curious to know… What do you do to elevate […]

Visceral Reactions

Trauma makes my brain overreact often. Due to growing up in an unsafe situation, where by I lived walking on eggshells, there was a constant message in my head “you are unsafe”. Even though there are no threats currently, the unsafe message plays in my mind over and over again. This causes some incredibly emotional […]