Letters of Apology: To My Ex

To my ex, Our two and a half year relationship was a complete disaster. We hurt each other so much. I wanted to apologise. I wanted you to know I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the “fluff”, all the big long facebook posts about my love for you that were shallow and ungenuine. I think […]

Letters of Apology: To Everyone I’ve Ever Bullied

To everyone I’ve ever bullied, Yesterday I wrote a letter to this who’d bullied me. But I realised that in my 27 years of life, I’ve learned a lot about relationships and conflict. If I went back in time, I’d do a lot of things differently. To the kids at school I wouldn’t play with […]

Apology Letters: To All the Mother Figures

To all the mother figures, I’m sorry. I really need to apologise to you all. I yearned for a mother that was going to nurture me. My mother is an alcoholic and a narcissist. This left a gaping hole in my life as a child, teenager and young adult as I longed for someone to […]

Letters of Forgiveness: To Myself in My Early Twenties

Dear me, You have always done your best, with the resources you had at the time. I wanted you to know I’m grateful for this, thank you. I wrote another letter to you the other day but this one specifies the hardest time in your life where you felt the most lost, where you experienced […]

Apology Letters: To My Friend From a Dark Time

To my friend, We’re not really close anymore, I guess we’ve drifted apart. But there was a time about 8 years ago, where we were really close. I was mentally ill. You were my main support. I’ve been writing a series of “forgiveness letters”, forgiving others for the things they’ve done to me. When I […]

Letters of Forgiveness: To Myself

Dear me, Oh my goodness, you have fucked up so many times. But I’ve decided to forgive you. I know that no one is perfect. I know that you are learning. I know that you always do your best with the resources that you have at the time. I forgive you. I forgive you for […]

Letters of Forgiveness: To the Man on the Train

To the man on the train, I catch the train all the time, day and night. I live in London and don’t drive so the train is completely necessary. A train filled with people, surely it isn’t risky. I thought it wasn’t, that was until I met you. I forgive you for strategically sitting next […]