When Anxiety Steals Joy

I’m getting married in 4 and a half months. I should be excited, mildly nervous and a little stressed. Instead I’m extremely anxious. I’m terrified of walking up the aisle and everyone looking at me. I’m terrified of saying my vows. I’m terrified of being the centre of attention. I’m terrified of the speeches and […]


Re-victimisation, unfortunately, has consistent evidence. Up to 75% of adults that  experienced abuse as a child, also reported experiencing abuse as an adult. When I first entered therapy, I felt like I “attracted” people who were abusive, I described a series of thorny experiences. A therapist explained to me the concept of re-victimization and that […]


I finally feel like I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough. After the last few weeks of feeling low, in energy, in mood and in general well-being, I woke up this morning feeling different, with a crescendo of energy and zest for life. The motivation I’ve been lacking lately, had finally evaporated off (a little […]

Visceral Reactions

Trauma makes my brain overreact often. Due to growing up in an unsafe situation, where by I lived walking on eggshells, there was a constant message in my head “you are unsafe”. Even though there are no threats currently, the unsafe message plays in my mind over and over again. This causes some incredibly emotional […]

The Story Pours Out

I’ve had a really rough few weeks. My mental well-being has plummeted and I have felt flat, anxious and generally fatigued. Out of desperation, I looked to alleviate my symptoms and booked a reiki session with a reiki healer whom had several 5 star Google and facebook reviews. I didn’t really expect it to work […]

Dazed and Confused

I feel as though I’m in a trance. Muddling through each day, smiling at all the right times, wearing the right thing at the right time, saying the right things at the right times, looking “fine” on the outside. Inside, feeling lost and confused, sad and lethargic, apathetic and alone. Appetite has gone, sex drive […]