Spicy Physical Healing


Spices aid physical healing in many different ways due to their benefits to the human body. These spices so not necessarily cure particular ailments, however they can reduce  certain symptoms and stimulate beneficial processes for the body.

Stimulates metabolism
Lowers blood sugar
Has antioxidant effects
Eliminates gas

Reduces inflammation
Has powerful antioxidant effects
Reduces cholesterol
Has a role in the prevention of Alzheimer’s

Stimulates circulation
Contains very high Vitamin C levels
Beneficial to heart health
Clears congestion in sinus area

Like anything, these spices are great in moderation; too much of anything can have an adverse effect on the body. I have found a pinch of cinnamon in my porridge in the morning and a few pinches of turmeric or chilli in my stir-dry or to season veges or meat has added benefits to my health. Spices are not the sole reason I am experiencing increased levels of physical well-being, but due to living with chronic pain, I’ve learnt that a lot of little things can make a huge difference; adding these spices to my diet is one of the “little things” that has helped.



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