My fiancè


My partner has given me a huge amount of support over the four years of our relationship, but more specifically over the past two years since I decided to face my demons. Since today’s daily prompt is “partner”, I thought I would write a post to acknowledge him and all he has done.

In September 2015, I suffered burnout after carrying the burden of my two parent’s alcoholism for most of my life. I was  24 years old and I admitted to myself that I was a codependent and my parents had an addiction.

The emergence out of denial caused the biggest shit storm of my life. I really hit rock bottom. My partner was so incredible, he bought me a book “Adult Children of Alcoholics”, he patiently supported me while I came to terms with what the book said and while I tried (and failed) many times to set boundaries with my parents. He remained patient, but showed remarkable strength as he never took hold of the reigns, but stood back and let me work out these difficult situations by myself. His approach stimulated huge personal growth in me, as he chose to never do anything for me that I could do for myself at that point in time. I am still blown away by his incredible insight.

Through the devastating journey I went on, there were times I was so fatigued and depressed I needed help with everything because I was so exhausted; he cooked dinner, made breakfast, made lunch, brushed my hair and even helped me get dressed when I got out of the shower once and could barely move.

My fiancè had more faith in me than I had in myself, he recognised my small successes, that I failed to see and celebrated with me as things got better and better.

Now that I am living a significantly more functional and healthy life, we are enjoying planning out wedding and look forward to our future together. We have so many dreams and goals and I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend the rest of my life.


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