Emotional Healing Strategies


Trace (def); find or discover by investigation.

Two years ago at age 24, I realised my parents were alcoholics and I had spent my whole life being a codependent. I wanted to heal from this experience and break the cycle to find a more healthy, happy and functional way of living.

This is what I have traced during that process:

1. A journal where I was able to write my many complex thoughts and experiences (especially traumatic ones) helped me to process them.

2. Gratitude journaling really helped me to focus on the positive and change my mindset. I write a list of everything I’m grateful for at the end of each day, it only takes 5 minutes.

3. Hypnotherapy really worked for me. I was sceptic, but I was also desperate to change. It caught me by surprise but I noticed a HUGE difference.

4. Food makes a huge difference. Sugar and caffeine impacts on energy levels and therefore on our moods. It’s scientifically proven but a lot of people pay little attention to it. I had so much more energy, slept better and felt better, when I cut out caffeine and sugar. Caffeine actually was a huge contributor to my anxiety.

5. In my journal, I kept a success log. Change is hard and takes a long time. Everyday I wrote some of the things I did well even if it was “I went to a social event where I only knew one other person” or “I was honest about what I was feeling when my friend asked me how I was”.

These are the top 5 things that I can say have helped me progress. They’re not for everyone because we all heal differently, but these certainly impacted my well being in a positive way!



4 thoughts on “Emotional Healing Strategies

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