What I Wish I Could Radiate…


In the last two years, since deciding to confront my codependency with my alcoholic parents and my trauma from growing up in an addiction centred home, I have changed a lot.

Sadly, I still find myself focused on the things I wish I could overcome, the things I am failing at; instead of focusing upon the things I have achieved.

There are many things I wish I could be. Unfortunately, despite an awful lot of positive transformation, Im still not who I desire to be yet.

There is much hard work I need to do on myself to ensure that I will break the cycle of dysfunction and show my future children a positive and healthy way of life.

This is my traits and skills wishlist:

-I wish I could radiate security; instead of feeling threatened and unsafe by others.

-I wish I could radiate mindfulness, rather than being anxious about the future, daydreaming to escape my reality or feeling resentful over the past.

-I wish I could radiate honesty and authenticity, as opposed to telling others what they want to hear so I don’t get rejected.

-I wish I could radiate peace, instead of resentment, anger and anxiety.

-I wish I could radiate groundedness, rather than being scatty , indecisive and dithery.



5 thoughts on “What I Wish I Could Radiate…

  1. I pray that you find what you are looking for, happiness and so much more. May you find the strength to overcome the difficult times and the clarity of mind to enjoy the good ones. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Take one day at a time! Be proud of what you have accomplished already. When you look at what you want to do, it can be very overwhelming. Take one item you really, really want to do. Once it’s completed, then move on.
    Last week it took me four (4) days to finally complete what I wanted to do. Remember we are only human.
    You are doing great, keep that smile on your face no matter what. Keep on smiling and the world will wonder what YOU are up to.😉 😊🎈


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