The most difficult thing about being the daughter of two addicts is the things I didn’t learn growing up.

Unfortunately addicts spin a load of yarn all the time. They lie. About everything and anything that will cover their addiction up.

This may sound strange, but growing up, I didn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie. My parents modeled a life of lies to me, so much, that lying became more acceptable to me than telling the truth did. I literally did not know the difference between fact and fiction.

My Mum used to exaggerate grossly and twist the truth so much, that I copied her. I thought you were supposed tell people the story of what happened and modify it slightly. This really impacted my friendships as when I was at intermediate school, people started labeling me, a liar. I was so confused. I was only doing what my parents did. What was wrong with it? Why did people not like it? Didn’t everyone so this?

As a teenager, I began to understand the difference between the truth and a lie and I had to teach myself how to tell the truth. It was very difficult and I lost a lot of people in the process, who understandbly did not trust me. I got there in the end and now, I live and speak a life of honesty.


17 thoughts on “Lies

  1. My Aunt would lie a lot. In my younger years I never knew she was an Alcoholic I just thought she was truly passionate about things in life. Little did I know she was lying most the time. She has since passed but I will always remember her joy for the little things. Thank you for sharing so courageous.


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