Avid Healing


Avid describes being enthusiastic about something. At the moment I am very avid about healing. 

I am battling PTSD. I experience extreme anger every day. Insomnia. Anxiety. Self-esteem issues. Sadness. Irritability. Grief. A very poor immune system. IBS. PMS. Hormone imbalance. Codependent problems.

I have been struggling with PTSD since September 2015; after I admitted to myself my parents were alcoholics, my childhood with their addiction and domestic violence had really affected me and I was a codependent.

Having PTSD, in an unusual way, has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was forced to become an avid healing expert. I have learnt about nutrition, anti-depressants, reiki, boundaries, addiction, empathy, forgiveness, the complexity of anger, sleep hygiene, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and meditation, gratitude and a range of other topics.

While there are so many symptoms of trauma and stress, my avid healing education has taught me that there are so many strategies.

My new way of eating has given me energy like I’ve never felt before.

Gratitude journaling daily has changed my whole mindset.

Hypnosis has helped me reduced some of my unwanted feelings and view things from a different, more healthy perspective.

I think I’ll continue this avid healing education. I want to break the cycle of dysfunctional. I owe it to my future children and IT STARTS WITH ME.



12 thoughts on “Avid Healing

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