A goal of Harmony

Harmony is one of my goals.

To live in harmony, means to live consistently and in peace. So I’m embarking on a journey to harmonize my life.

At the moment, I have days with no PTSD symptoms and other days with severe flashbacks, irritability, self doubt and tears. My goal is for consistency. I’m aware that there are good days and bad days in everybody’s life, but I’m wishing for this to be slightly more harmonious than it is right now. I’m excited to achieve this goal, to feel peaceful will be a great pleasure.

Harmony will mean being more consistent. To be able to be more consistent will mean that I will have to stop people pleasing. I will have to stop changing my opinion and thoughts depending on who I am talking to because I want to be accepted, but to be authentic.



4 thoughts on “A goal of Harmony

  1. You will get there, just because you are so eager. Can you imagine how it would be to live in that harmony? If yes- it means that this scenario of you and your life already exists, the question which remains is: when it will become reality.

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