A Miraculous Jolt


Some people experience things that change them radically. Miracle stories, where they see a hypnotist and they are forever changed. Others report they have a huge epiphany and never experience anxiety again. I know these stories are few and far between and there are many explanations for miracles.

I wish I could experience some major jolt, that would mean I’d feel better overnight. No more hard work, no more tears, no more anxiety, no more flashbacks or nightmares or trauma or grief or irritability or IBS.

Maybe I will experience this “jolt” that would radically save me from myself. Maybe I won’t and I’ll have to keep putting in the hard yards. The trouble is, putting in all this work is tiring, with very little tangible results. It’s disheartening but I’m reminding myself, I’m breaking the cycle and it starts with me.



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