Vivid; the memory of being a toddler left in the bathtub unable to climb out because it was too high for me to reach, while my parents were passed out drunk.

Vivid, the memory of my Mum getting drunk before my school ball and all the other parents and my friends looking at me with eyes of pity, as she stumbled around the low key gathering.

Vivid, the memory of my parents drunk fighting and getting out of bed in time to see my Mum smashing a glass bottle over my Dad’s head.

Vivid, the memory of her spitting at my face one Christmas, while kicking and punching me because I said the foam on the new trampoline was squishy.

Vivid, the memory of phoning my Mum to tell her I was engaged and her responding with “you must of had to force him to agree to marrying you”.

Also vivid, the memory of getting engaged to my fiance six months ago, knowing that I  have formed a healthy functional and supportive relationship with an incredible guy.

Also vivid, the memory of traveling around 8 different countries, experiencing true joy and trying loads of new things, that would have made me anxious in the past.


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