The Sound of Overcoming Trauma


Overcoming trauma in terms of an adverse childhood, in my opinion, is harder than the adverse childhood itself. It’s carrying around all this baggage and a load of behaviors you never asked for and really don’t want, but constantly struggling to get rid of them.

Sitting down just over a year ago and admitting to myself what I went through was a big step. It opened the door to healing, it also opened a can of worms.

Healing from trauma to me sounds like:

Tears and sobs combined with running water, crying in the shower where no one can see the pain.

The sound of hyperventilating, when I wake up in the middle of the night not able to breathe.

The sound of the constant voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough, im doing it wrong and that everyone is judging me.

The sound of music and movies I constantly play, to try and distract myself from my own thoughts.

The sound of nervousness in my voice every time I speak to someone new, since I’ve lost all of my confidence.

None of these sounds are positive, they all represent my pain. But I embrace them because they’re the sound of healing.

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3 thoughts on “The Sound of Overcoming Trauma

  1. Your post reads like you are well on your way. Awareness is a key piece. I suspect you would not have written these points down if you hadn’t thought them through first. Surely, you wouldn’t be pulling your own leg. They are too detailed and specific. I wish you the highest and best as you continue to heal. Bravo!!!

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