The Seriousness of Addiction for Families


There is a common misconception in society that addiction does not impact the family, but has a serious affect on the addict.

I’m the daughter of two addicts and I strongly believe it’s a family disease.

The seriousness of addiction on the family for me has meant growing up in dysfunction and chaos with a huge secret, feeling responsible for my parents and my two younger brothers, and as a young adult, struggling proufously with myself.

I wish I could feel relaxed and happy. But the baggage from my childhood has meant that I find life very difficult.

Today is an incredibly low day.
I’m grieving after only admitting the issues in my family some months ago.
I’m suffering ptsd.

I wish there was a magic cure. But there’s not. All I can say is I realize the seriousness of addiction on family members.


5 thoughts on “The Seriousness of Addiction for Families

  1. I know this is extremely difficult. Someone very close to me is suffering the same.
    More than the ill it causes the family, its saddning to see someone you love going through it. Because they are as helpless in this
    I hope everything tides over for you soon šŸ™‚


  2. I always thought I was doomed because of the addiction that runs rampit in my family. However, I fought as I was growing up not to fall into that stuff and I never did. I do have issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression but it is not caused from addiction. I hope your daughters get the help they need it must be so hard to watch them like this. -Bruce


  3. I am right with you with the family addiction cycle. It is certainly a burden to carry. My older brother is hooked on pain medicine. My younger brother has been clean and sober for about a year and a half. My son, after almost 3 years clean and sober, relapsed and is now nine months clean and sober. It’s a tough road to hoe.


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