Ten Habits to Improve my Mental Wellbeing


This year is going to be tough. I know that. I’ve dedicated this year to facing my past and changing my behaviours that I’m unhappy with. These behaviours mostly stem from my childhood trauma, which I am working to overcome. I no longer need these protective behaviours.

Changing behaviour is hard, facing the past is hard too. I experience a lot of grieving emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness and hopelessness. Undertaking work on myself has put my emotional well-being in a vulnerable place so I’ve made a list of ten habits that have been helping me through this tough time.

1. Spending Saturday’s with my fiance. We have been able to enjoy one day a week together where we are able to hang out without being tired and grumpy after work.

2. Meditation. I have downloaded the “headspace” app and have been completing 10 minutes of meditation a day. I know this skill of mindfulness I’m learning, will help me with the healing process.

3. Do washing and groceries on the weekend so I’m not scrambling around before and after work, trying to make sure things are clean and there’s stuff to eat.

4. Reflecting on my day with my partner. Every night before we go to sleep my partner and I tell each other our favorite thing that happened that day.

5. Once a month I go to a show in London. I love plays and musicals. Going to one, once a month always gives me something to look forward to.

6. Gratitude journaling. Once a week, I make a list of things I’m grateful for that week.

7. Drinking peppermint tea before I go to sleep. This has been helping to relax me and improves the quality of my sleep.

8. Eating breakfast before I leave the house. This saves me a lot of stress lining up for a coffee and food somewhere on my commute to work with lots of other busy commuters, checking the time every two minutes so we don’t miss the train.

9. Writing to do lists of the things I want to achieve that week. Having this on paper removes a lot of clutter out of my head.

10. Blogging. This blog has really helped me to express myself and let go of some strong emotions. I try to blog three times a week.

I love having these habits prioritised because in their own way, they all help contribute to a more positive sense of well-being. What habits do you have that help your emotional well-being? X


9 thoughts on “Ten Habits to Improve my Mental Wellbeing

  1. This is a great list. That gratitude journal is no joke. It really does help the way you think. Sometimes it takes some real outside the box thinking, but you get better at it and it always helps me notice the small things during my day. And blogging! It’s why we’re here!


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