Strengths of an Addict’s Child


People say “the past is gone”. I disagree. I dont think the past leaves, I think it stays with us.

My parent’s are alcoholics. Growing up with this was hard. The past is not “gone” for me, unfortunately, the impacts of this childhood experience have carried themselves into my present. In recent posts I have talked about the challenging behaviours and trauma, I have taken into adulthood. But today I want to focus on the strengths I have acquired, from this experience.

1. Empathy
Growing up in adverse circumstances has taught me to have empathy. I understand pain. I understand people wanting so badly to change, but feel something holding them back. I understand how hard it can be to control your feelings.

2. Adaptablity
My parents addiction meant I grew used to inconsistency. I never knew if I was going to get sober Mum or drunk Mum. I learnt to adapt.

3. Can de-escalate a situation
When I was a child, my drunk parents would get riled up and when I saw them escalate, I became a master and distracting them so they would calm down. This is a skill I have taken into my career as a social worker, working with high needs children.

Daily prompt: gone


5 thoughts on “Strengths of an Addict’s Child

  1. Wow this is the most thought provoking daily prompt I’ve read, you are right – the past never really actually leaves us. I too have acquired these strengths from having a mother that was an addict, it certainly wasn’t an easy situation but this is the bright side 🙂


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